Gentle Coat Pet Shampoo


What's so wonderful about our Gentle Coat goat milk pet shampoo? Why, how gentle it is, of course! Just as the name suggests, we developed this dog and cat shampoo for animals that are especially sensitive to certain skin and coat/fur bath products.

To start off, this pet shampoo has an amazing herb on its' side, and that is Calendula. This yellow flower is responsible for softening skin and coat/fur, soothing irritations, relieving eczema, and replenishing dry and itchy skin by boosting the natural oils present on your pet.

Now, you may be thinking, but what about the aroma? The good thing about this dog and cat shampoo, is that it is completely devoid of scent! Why is this so great? Because, you know that keen sense of smell that your four legged friend inherited at birth? Well, it turns out that many pets prefer an unscented bath shampoo, because certain odors can be overpowering on their senses. Imagine if you will, that someone bathed you in something that you didn't like, and you had to walk around all day being reminded of it, with no way to get rid of the stench. It would probably deter your focus, and be at least a little frustrating. Your dog or cat may very well have experienced that in the past. Good thing that won't happen using the Gentle Coat goat milk shampoo soap!


Not only will your pet know the luxury of a bath with all natural, skin boosting herb power, they'll also get to receive the benefits of the other oils we use in this pet shampoo soap. Oils of olive, coconut, sustainable palm, and castor will ensure that the right amount of fluffy, creamy texture is present at bath time, as well as a rich lather.

Then, factor in the goodness of the raw goat milk, and you or your beloved pet will never look back! Raw goat milk is brimming with vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, trace elements, protein, fatty acids and nutrients. Just the vitamins alone (A, B2, C & D), will give a noticeable difference to soaps made with water. Water based soaps have no moisturizing or cell building qualities, whereas raw goat milk is bursting with skin cell repairing elements. Vitamin A, in particular, can improve your dog or cat's skin complexion, help relieve eczema, and improve overall skin and coat/fur health.

Gentle Coat pet shampoo is specially formulated for providing your fur baby with soft, healthy skin, and lustrous coat to rejuvenate and encourage a healthy, happy pet.

It is our goal to provide your favorite furry friend with the best, high quality, affordable, completely natural pet shampoo on the market! And best of all, it actually WORKS!

Not tested on animals.

Skin Care Benefits

• Smooth lather
• Good for animals of all types and sizes
• Our gentlest bar of pet shampoo
• Moisturizing for skin and coat/fur


Olive Oil, Raw Goat Milk, Coconut Oil, Sustainable Organic Palm Oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Calendula Infused Oil, Vit. E


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