In case you haven’t learned about us yet, or you want to know who we are...

We are the Sanders family, owners of Horse ‘O Peace Ranch. There’s Nick, IT extraordinaire and awesome father, Elizabeth, creator of our skin care line and work from home mom, Shiloh (5 yrs), purposefully goofy and endless tease, Jude (4 yrs), owner of the best belly laugh and wannabe ninja, Eli (3 yrs), charmer and eager explorer, and finally baby Joel (16 mos.) happiest baby around.

Nick and Elizabeth met in their early teens (over 2,000 miles apart, through the internet), were engaged for a short 5 months, went separate ways for 10 years, and then met in 2009 to settle the past only to find out they were perfect for each other and wanted to be together happily ever after.

During those 10 years, Elizabeth began making soap from milk she coaxed from her sister’s goats, at the age of 24. Within 2 months she was selling enough soap at local farmers markets to declare her newfound hobby into a legit business, and since then she’s handmade over 55,000 bars of soap.

And how did Horse ‘O Peace Ranch get its' name? In the countryside of Wisconsin where Elizabeth lived before marrying Nick, her parent’s farm was situated almost perfectly between 5 different towns. It was a saying amongst the townspeople “a horse apiece” to describe the same distance between two places. Elizabeth’s dad came up with the name for the family hobby farm to be Horse ‘O Peace Ranch, as a play off of the local saying. When Elizabeth needed a name for her soap business to get her certificate of business registration, her dad graciously let her use the family’s farm name. The business name remained the same when Elizabeth moved to NC 1 1/2 years after its beginning.

When they were first married, Nick thought he’d be lovingly supportive of his new wife’s budding business, but when he discovered how awesome the soaps made his skin feel, he jumped in wholeheartedly to offer his talents in graphic design, web maintenance, marketing, professional videography and photography. This worked out perfectly when, at 6 weeks of newly married life, Nick came home to tell Elizabeth that he was let go from his job. The year that followed before he got the job he currently holds, was filled with Nick and Elizabeth working side by side 24/7 to bring in an income, during which time they discovered their love of working together.

Despite the boys arriving in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2015, Horse ‘O Peace Ranch has steadily grown each year.  Since Nick and Elizabeth love working together, their ultimate goal is for Nick to be able to quit his 9-5 job so he can focus on being home with the family as much as Elizabeth currently enjoys. With the rapid growth of the company in the last 2 years particularly, it won’t be long before that goal is realized. 

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Horse ‘O Peace Ranch! Thanks for coming alongside us as we live out the American dream.