We believe, and our customers agree, that it’s all about the pets! From firsthand experience, you know our brand can be trusted, and it’s time to share that enjoyment with your four legged friends. 

istock-529407253-250px.jpgBecause of its natural ingredients, no dyes, no chemical fragrances, and no harmful additives or fillers, Horse O Peace Ranch soaps are excellent for man or beast. Not to forget the goodness of the nurturing nature of 100% raw goat milk. 

So that’s why we created a healthy assortment of soaps for pets. Between a love for animals, plus our commitment to quality, we’re ready to deliver. Literally. 

istock-485054162-invert-250px.jpgHere is our cruelty free, purely natural, Healthy Pets product line! Our 4 legged friend product category includes items for relaxation, pest deterrent, and odor control. Your pet can now experience the benefits of healthy skin/fur care, just like you! 

Take a look at all the options below to find just the right way to pamper your pets with all our natural creamy goat milk soaps.


Purely Basic

Be Calm

3 in 1
Coat, Pest and
Odor Control

purelybasic-petshampoo-full.jpg becalm-petshampoo-full.jpg 3-in-1-dogshampoo-full.jpg