So what's the big deal about lavender? You hear a lot about lavender when you begin to learn about natural health. That's because this purple plant has more than a pretty look and an engaging scent.


Traditionally, lavender is known for its healing properties. Used externally on your skin, it can help rejuevenate new or old skin, and it's good for any skin type. Very few people are allergic to lavender, making it an all around favorite of many.

baby-in-lavender-field.jpgFrom the very young newborn baby, to the aged patriarch of the family, lavender can safely be used. It is used in lotions, soaps, body oils, essential oils, lip balms, salves, and even in cooking. Both men and women find its smell to be desirable.

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Lavender has many properties including being an analgesic, antidepressant, antirheumatic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, bactericide, cicatrizant, decongestant, deodorant, diuretic, fungicide, sedative. Well known for its relaxing ability, it can soothe the spirit, relieve anger, and is valuable in manic-depressive cases.

If that weren't enough, lavender has a sedative action on the heart, assists in bringing down high blood pressure, relieves insomnia and muscular spasms and rheumatic pains. Useful with menstrual problems, bronchitis and headaches, helps lower blood pressure. Keeps insects away. Purifies the air. Can also help with an upset stomach.

lavender-essential-oil.jpgOne of the easiest ways to use lavender is by essential oil. Want a good smelling bug repellent? Use lavender. Need help healing an unsightly pimple?Use lavender. How about making your own hand sanitizer, or disinfecting cleaning products? Use lavender. What about soothing salves for cuts and bruises? Use lavender. Having a baby and want to relax (as much as possible!) during labor? Use lavender.

This is the first essential oil one should reach for in the case of minor burns and sunburn. Why? Because it has been known to promote growth of new skin cells, which has a great healing effect on burns and sunburn, as well as acne, psoriasis, boils, fungal growths and scarring.

As always, the safety of taking lavender during pregnancy or while breast-feeding is not completely certain - if you plan to use lavender essential oil treatment during pregnancy or breastfeeding tell your doctor.

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Also lavender is thought to slow down the central nervous system, so doctors advise patients to stop using lavender essential oil at least 2 weeks before surgery.

 When used in soap, lavender will be antiseptic and antibacterial, but still remain gentle. It can wash oily skin, helping to control pimply outbreaks, yet not dry the skin out. If you have dry skin, lavender soap will bring fresh new skin growth. And how about combination skin? Well, lavender is there to perfectly control the balance of your skin, leaving you looking fresh and vibrant.

No matter what, lavender is a great addition to helping your life. Very few plants can provide such a wide range of applications and healing properties. Be sure to make it a priority to use lavender, in all its different ways. Your path to natural living will only get better.

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