Goat Milk Soap Club Subscriptions Made Easy!

If you want to enjoy our soaps year round and save a little at the same time, why not join our Soap Club? At Horse  O Peace Ranch, it matters to us that you keep your skin, and the skin of your family, in the best condition possible. We have taken out the work of reordering every month by providing subscription services in the form of our Soap Club.

The Soap Club ships out bars of soap to your home on a regular schedule like clock work every month. 


Each subscription provides the number of bars that you choose, with a random assortment chosen by our staff. We keep track of each month, so that you will receive different soaps with every subscription that arrives at your door.


Less Cost for More Value

Savings after we absorb the shipping!
Click one of
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to make a selection.

1 Random Bar
per month


(Savings of $2.50)

2 Random Bars
per month


(Savings of $4.00)

3 Random Bars
per month


(Savings of $7.25)

4 Random Bars
per month


(Savings of $7.90)
Our Most Popular

5 Random Bars
per month


(Savings of $11.75)

6 Random Bars
per month


(Savings of $12.50)

As you can see, you are doing yourself a favor by signing up for our Goats Milk Soap Club!

Great Soap + Great Savings = Happy, Healthy Skin!


Whether you sign up for the Soap Club or not, you can still join the Soap Club Mailing list. We will send you the same email information that our current Soap Club subscribers get, and you will be able to participate in some of the savings and special deals only available to the Horse O Peace Soap Club family. 

Our Soap Club Mailing list will offer tips about ways to live a healthier life with essential oils, recipes, and even some tips and tricks we use around the house from time to time. Also some added exclusive discounts thrown in occasionally!