If you would like to get to know us just a little better, then take a look at some of the videos we have produced right from home. Some are just for fun, others show a little bit about our business practices or even what we do in our day to day life. Take a look and let us know what you think.


Show Displays: Making a Sign

In this video we show a handmade wooden sign for our soap display to use at shows. We have a really big show season coming up and want to put our best foot forward with a completely new image for our booth. Stay tuned, we are planning to record some videos while we are at the show too.

Cutting Soap

Here we are going through, step by step, all the things we do to each batch of soap that comes off our curing shelves. It's really not a complicated process, but it does give a little inside look as to how each bar of soap is handled personally and carefully.


How we got our start

Have you ever wondered just how we got our start, and what would make someone go into soap making of all things? This is the video for you! It's not too long so it's an easy watch. Keep coming back and find out more about our past and how we are moving forward in the future!