Plain Lip Balm


Handmade Plain Lip Balm (3 Pack)| Horse O Peace

Plain Lip Balm

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Pucker up to try these unflavored all natural lip balms! Your lips will be refreshed by the smoothness of virgin coconut oil, golden jojoba oil, beeswax, and the added goodness of a touch of Vitamin E.

One of the many overlooked aspects of skin care are our lips. Just like any other part of your body it takes great care to tend their needs. When you go outside, they become exposed to the same harmful UV radiation that the sun is always producing, like your skin. Between the winter months while the moisture in the air is at an all time low, and the summer when the sun is at its hottest, your lips will be one of the first things to dry out and start to crack and bleed. Using a pure product such as our lip balms, will help to bring your lips back to that natural beautiful luster that you've been looking for. Part of the answer to the luxurious beautiful you, is waiting for you right here!

Our lip balms are made from rich, natural, virgin coconut oil.  Melted at low heat to preserve all the healthy nutrients and its natural coconut flavor, it can transfer sleekly to start your healing journey. We use rich and hydrating golden jojoba oil and naturally sourced vitamin E, procured in the purest way to help smooth out the application of our lip balms.

Beeswax is used to balance and solidify the ingredients in our roll-out tube, ensuring you can apply it the same way you would lip-stick. With a simple twist of your wrist you can procure just enough so that nothing is wasted. We suggest that you apply daily to help build that UV protection naturally over time. Perhaps at night after a shower when you've already cleansed you body with our goat milk soaps. Or maybe in the morning right out of bed before applying that perfect shade of lipstick.

*We also suggest that you don't leave these in very hot places like vehicles. They can melt back to liquid very easily. If this happens, simply stand the tube up on end in a cool place and it will firm back up.


Not tested on animals.



Virgin Coconut Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E

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