Discount Sweet Almond Honey Soap

Every once in a while we come across a bar of soap that does not meet our requirements to sell at retail cost. Sometimes this is because the bar was dropped and dented, or maybe it was cut a little small, or perhaps it doesn't look "nice". 

Our loss is your gain! These discounted bars come unwrapped. Generally, they range in weight between 3.75oz and 4.25oz.

Sweet Almond Honey

If you like a medium exfoliating soap, this is the bar for you! The ground almonds do a great job cleaning out your pores, while the sweet almond oil conditions your skin, keeping it smooth and fresh looking. Sweet almond oil is responsible for deeply moisturizing dry skin, making it suitable for skin conditions such as eczema, and cradle cap on babies.

And don't forget the raw honey! Honey is known to brighten your natural complexion, while trapping moisture to your skin. Its raw state ensures that some of the goodness from the enzymes, anitoxidants, and minerals are transferred to your skin, boosting its own innate beauty.

CAUTION: People with nut allergies may be sensitive to sweet almond oil, or the ground almonds contained in this soap.

Not tested on animals.

Skin Care Benefits 

• Moisturizing
• Medium exfoliant
• Smooth lather
• Soothing to dry or itchy skin


Olive Oil, Raw Goat Milk, Coconut Oil, Sustainable Organic Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Finely Ground Sweet Almonds, Sweet Almond Oil, Raw Honey, Vit. E

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