​Retail vs. Natural Skin Care

Natural Skin Care IllustrationEveryone has THEIR skincare products that they enjoy using. You know how it is. You one day discover your hair or skin is greasy looking, so you set out to find something to balance it out. Or maybe you notice those little white flecks on your shoulders after brushing your hair, and you make a mental note to try a hair conditioner.

Soon you find yourself at the local grocery store or a retail chain store, your eyes combing the shelves, looking for the right product to use.

Nowadays, there are so many options, its mind numbing. We’re here to help you narrow down your choices, so you can be better informed on your next trip to the store.

Each store generally carries a natural skin care line, as well as the retail lines with companies that we’ve known or heard about on the cheesy commercials, since we were kids.

What you get when you buy a retail brand:

  1. A long list of ingredients that you won’t know what they actually are, or what they do. Most of them we don’t even know how to pronounce, so how can we trust using it on our bodies?
  2. A product that has its natural elements removed, to be replaced by synthetic ingredients, which are cheaper, saving the company money, but costing your skin its ability to naturally rejuvenate.
  3. Fillers to make the product stretch farther.
  4. Chemicals that your body cannot absorb, so it stores it instead, potentially making for a toxic environment that can damage your overall health.

What you get when you buy a truly natural brand/product:

  1. Readable list of ingredients. To be an informed consumer, reading the labels will reveal ingredients you know and recognize. Look for brands with full disclosure of ingredients, or short ingredient lists.
  2. Products chocked full of raw, organic, 100% pure, therapeutic grade, and natural ingredients. While you might pay a slightly higher price for these ingredients, the superior quality will be recognized by your skin, and you’ll often find you won’t need so many products in your skin care regime.
  3. No fillers, additives, dyes, or chemicals.
  4. Scented with plant sources (essential oils) your skin will benefit from the soothing and healing goodness of age old vitamins and minerals.
  5. You help support small companies that are investing in making YOUR life better and healthier, because they actually care.

It comes down to, do you want to be informed? Do you want your skin to heal and rejuvenate naturally? Do you trust that you were born with beautiful skin, ready to return to it’s innate healthy state?

If your answer to these questions was YES!, then get out there and discover the world of natural skin care products. Your skin will be glad you did.

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