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Nick and Elizabeth get Interviewed by Jon Patch on National Radio Show Talkin' Pets

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We have some really exciting news about an expansion in our product lines! Since starting to make our wholesome goat milk soaps, an incredible amount of you guys have started asking if we have anything to offer for bathing your pets. Plain Lip Balm

So that’s why we created a healthy assortment of soaps for pets. Between a love for animals, plus our commitment to quality, we’re ready to deliver. Literally.

For more information, take a look at the link below to find just the right way to pamper your pets with all our natural creamy goat milk soaps.

As always, don't hesitate to reply to this email with any questions or concerns you might have and we will do our best to help out!

Browse the Full Line!

We were even interviewed recently on the national radio talk show "Talk'n Pets" where we introduced their listeners to our product line designed specifically for your pets and their needs! Give it a listen, or better yet, try them for yourself!


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Elizabeth & Nick Sanders of HorseOPeace.com on the Radio Show broadcast by PWRN iHeart

Thanks so much to Lillian Cauldwell for interviewing us on her radio station. We really enjoyed getting to know her a little bit and now sharing our story with you as well.   Thanks so much to Lillian Cauldwell for interviewing us on her radio station. We really enjoyed getting to know her a little bit and [...]

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​Retail vs. Natural Skin Care

Everyone has THEIR skincare products that they enjoy using. You know how it is. You one day discover your hair or skin is greasy looking, so you set out to find something to balance it out. Or maybe you notice those little white flecks on your shoulders after brushing your hair, and you make a [...]

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33 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #4)

We were still on vacation for the first half of this week. I was able to see my grandparents a total of 4 times during the trip, plus we took one day for just us (after all, it was our only vacation for this year!) and decided to take the boys to the zoo. Como [...]

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32 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #4)

This week started out with our family driving many miles on the road for our family vacation! It was a very different week from what we usually experience, but we had a great time visiting family and friends, and spending time as a family with just Nick, the boys, and myself. We were also able [...]

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31 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #4)

We had a very eventful week this week! More busyness, as is our usual, but this week was particularly full because we were preparing for our family vacation, on top of everything else. How Far Along: Recapping week 31. (Picture taken at 31 weeks 6 days pregnant). How I'm Feeling This Week: Physically, I felt great, mostly. Mentally, I [...]

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30 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #4)

30 Weeks?! Where has the time gone? It feels surreal to think that I'm 7 weeks away from reaching full term status, and 10 weeks away from our due date! Things are becoming more real each week, as we realise that this baby is going to be coming before we know it. How Far Along: Recapping week [...]

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29 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #4)

Wow, I can't believe how late we are on another pregnancy post. My apologies, to any of you who are trying to keep up with us!  How Far Along: Recapping week 29. (Picture taken at 29 weeks 6 days pregnant). It's not the best picture of me, but it was one of those spur of the moment [...]

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28 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #4)

I know I just sprung a double post on you all a few days ago, but I'm already out of week 28, so it's time to talk about it again. See how behind I was?! We had a great week! So many exciting things happened in this pregnancy that I just need to tell you [...]

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26 & 27 Weeks Pregnant (Baby #4)

This is a double week post, since I didn't post about last week in our pregnancy! But it's because we had a good 2 weeks and my body cooperated, so that we were able to accomplish a lot. I guess that in itself is testament to the fact that this pregnancy is going well.  How Far [...]

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